Bone Decay – Osteoporosis Healthy Choices

Natural Treatments For Osteoporosis

Two very important things to consider for boosting bone density are adequate sunshine and weight training.

Strength train with weights for 30 minutes each session, three times each week and try to get 20 minutes of sun exposure on your skin every day.

Also, you may be able to improve the density of your bones by standing on a vibration platform for five to 20 minutes per day.

Essential Oils And Osteoporosis

It may be possible to boost bone density by putting essential oils on topically. These include helichrysum, fir, and Cyprus, which aid in the repair of bones. You can apply these oils topically three times each day and should additionally consider aroma-touch and other healing therapies.

Food and Your Bones – Nutrition for Osteoporosis

The foods that you consume have an impact on your bones. Finding out which foods are high in Vitamin D, calcium and other nutrients that support bone health and your health overall will allow you to make healthy dietary choices every day. The chart below provides examples of the various foods that you should be consuming on a regular basis.

If your diet is well-balanced and contains plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and dairy, you should be able to get sufficient nutrients on a daily basis, but if you aren’t able to get everything you need from your food, you should complement your diet by using supplements or multivitamins.

Recent studies have found that blueberries, soy beans, olive oil and foods that contain high amounts of omega-3s such as flaxseed oil and fish oil can also have bone-boosting benefits. Although more research is necessary for understanding the link between these foods and bone health, the overall benefits of consuming these options make them great, dietary additions. Extra research is also needed to better understand how these drinks are connected to human bone health.

Legumes (Beans)

Even though beans are a source of calcium and also contain fiber magnesium and many other nutrients, they are also rich in phytates. Phytates are substances that interfere with calcium absorption so that you get less of the calcium within the beans. To reduce phytate levels, soak your beans for a few hours ahead of preparing them and then make sure to cook them in fresh, clean water.

Meat And Other Foods That Are High In Protein

For your overall health and your bone health, it is vital to get enough protein, but not too much of this nutrient. A lot of elderly adults are not getting sufficient amounts of protein, and this could be harming their bones. Certain high-protein diets, however, that contain numerous services protein and meat within ever meal can result in calcium loss. This is something that you can make up for by getting sufficient calcium for meeting your needs. For instance, although dairy products contain a lot of protein, they are also rich in calcium that supports bone health.