Jan 24 2011

Pork Pata Adobado

Published by at 4:44 pm under food,My Home Recipes

I was in the mood for some food experiment and I want to try something new for our menu so I searched online for some Filipino recipes then I stumbled upon the site from Monterey which is the famous meat shop for Filipinos that sells fine quality meat products.
I found this simple pork recipe and I tried to follow the cooking procedure. I was actually expecting for the same outcome of my cooked dish from the photo sample of the menu above but I think it doesn’t look similar from my actual photo below. I don’t know about the taste but my hubby liked it. hahaha! I’m such a trying hard cook. :)

Oh! and by the way, I am posting this entry for Food Trip Friday. 
Thanks Mommy Willa for the invite. ^_^
Happy Weekend everyone!
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