Giant Pizza

Yay! this is my first time to join this cool food meme “Weekday Potluck” from Sis Pearl of My Sassy Chef. Thanks sis for the invite :)

And for my first entry this week, I am featuring this super giant pizza from The Big Flat Bread Pizza Resto here in Cagayan de Oro City. This Godfather Pizza is overloaded with lots of toppings like tasty bacon, luscious beef burger, juicy bratwurst sausage topped with onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and crunchy shoestring potatoes, with yummy mozzarella cheese.

Yummy Spaghetti by Mommy Ruby

We  had simple birthday celebration for my fellow blogger friends  Mommy Rubz, Mommy Arlene and Ate Grace who are all July birthday celebrants. We decided to celebrate their birthdays at our pink house last Tuesday. Each one of us brought some foods so we could all share it together.

For this week,  I will feature this yummy spaghetti made my Mommy Rubz. I am now craving for this spaghetti! It’s so creamy and so cheesy!


Yummy Sunday: Bam-i

Here’s a whole lot of Bam-i (noodle dish) which was served as snacks paired with a loaf bread when we had a gathering of young people from our church. It was cooked straight from firewood using a huge frying pan and covered with banana leaves.

Snack All You Can!

One of our family’s favorite dining restaurant is here at Lighthouse in Gaisano Mall. Here’s some of there Snack-all-you-can menus.

Lots of Filipino sweets and desserts are served here including puto cheese, maja blanca, tapioca, fruit salad and so much more!