Food Trends 2020 – These are the “must-eats”!

Green power protein

Your trend menu for this year consists of a classic starter, main menu and dessert pimped with superfoods and snacks for in between. Let’s take a look at the menu. Bon Appetit!

Starter: Katsu Sando, the Japanese sandwich

Starter: Katsu Sando, the Japanese sandwich

The schnitzel in the sandwich, which comes from Japanese cuisine, is currently conquering the international market. Katsu, in English cutlet, would be translated in Germany as the classic pork chop or Wiener schnitzel, which is enjoyed between two slices of white bread, sando. Finely chopped Japanese pointed cabbage and a spicy, fruity Tonkatsu sauce, which is similar to the conventional BBQ sauce, ensure more freshness and juiciness.

Main course: sushi burrito, Japan meets Mexico

sushi burrito

We’re sticking to Asian cuisine and combining it with legumes from Mexico. Instead of a wheat wrap, you roll sushi rice, corn, beans, raw vegetables, meat or meat alternatives and sauces in a nori seaweed. Be prepared for different flavors, as the nori seaweed tastes salty and fishy. Thanks to the easy and quick preparation, it is also your lunch alternative for everyday life.

Food Trends :- Dessert: black sapote, fruits like chocolate pudding

black sapote

The miracle fruit from Central and South America promises us a chocolate taste with few calories , but lots of vitamins . The apple-sized fruit is ripe enough to be eaten when the pulp has a brown, creamy consistency reminiscent of plum jam. Armed with a spoon as a tool, you can enjoy the nutty, creamy to creamy fruit mass from a distant land.

Food Trends :- What other trends are there?

Food Trends :- Crawling protein snacks

The trend snack this year is: Dried seafood and roasted insects . Sea algae or salmon crackers are on the snack menu of the health-conscious, because they not only contain important omega-3 fatty acids , but also valuable proteins and minerals. However, pay attention to the organic seal of approval when buying, as the quality of manufacture and production can differ fundamentally. In the same way, the ingredients and their distribution should be clearly marked on the packaging in order to assess their quality.

What still sounds like a test of courage in this country is commonplace in many parts of the world. As a new specialty, fine grasshoppers, crickets, meal worms and buffalo worms are grown especially for consumption in this country. Insects are said to have a high protein content and, in the form of flours or concentrated powders, can be viewed as alternatives to milk or beef. Bring your jungle camp home and try the insect snack roasted straight, in a bar or as flour in a burger.


To refine your muesli or your post-workout shake , the hype about hemp as a superfood is growing. The seeds of the hemp crop are without the prohibited THC substance and provide valuable vitamins, proteins and fats in the form of linoleic acid. You can enjoy the slightly nutty-sweet note of the seeds either whole or peeled. With both shapes you can spice up your muesli or enrich your vegetable pan. As a concentrated protein powder, it can also be supplemented as a vegetable protein alternative in everyday sports.

Green power protein

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