Calories in French Fries


Looking at these overloaded french fries which was ordered by my mom’s boyfriend makes me wanna drool over! Every time we visit our favorite Jollibee fastfood, it is never complete without french fries. We all know that fast food contain gazillions of calories. And that they have a whole lot to do with obesity. But the thing is, fast food has become a part of our staple. Aren’t we all always in a hurry to enjoy a home-cooked meal? And so it is always convenient to go to the fast food restaurant.

According to the research, a bag a day of French fries would mean a whooping 68,000 calories a year. And that’s a huge 20 pounds of weight gain. This is from regular servings of French fries alone. Whoa!

A large percent of our children are obese and the number is growing all the time. Not only kids but also to adults like us. Apparently this has to do with our dietary culture. Our dietary norms and habits basically make us drown in our own fats.I think the best thing that I should do is to minimize my cravings for french fries. Right now I’m trying to substitute it with real  vegetables.

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