Fresh Caught Fishes

My vacation grande is not yet over since my mom’s flight back to Switzerland is on Thursday next week. Were still staying here at the rented apartment near the beach. I really love this place because aside from the fact that I can breath some fresh breezy air, there are a lot of fresh foods here such as these freshly caught fishes and other kinds of seafoods.My mom already had some “suki” fish sellers here since she always buy fishes from them and she usually buy them all.

We all know that fish is a great source of protein and it is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids which are thought to reduce the risk of heart attack. Buying fresh fish can be a bad experience if you don’t know what to look for. So make sure to smell it, check the fish over and eat it within 48 hours from your purchase. Just remember to keep your fish on ice in the refrigerator and as cold as possible without freezing it until you are ready to cook it.


Some things gotta take a backseat when your hands are full… I’ve been badly busy this past week so I barely errr not even once I would supposed to say that I have updated this baby, this blog is on a ‘post’ diet.
Anyway, we went to visit a cousin the other day, I love this country-tattered themed patio, during the heyday along with some other single cousins of mine we used to grill ‘panga’ and do ‘inuman’ here under a moonlit night, but they’re all married now and have lives of their own living so far away from this patio, I wonder how long will this umbrella stand the test of time for us to be reunited again…. Wish them all well. Thanks guys for dropping by, care to join me here next time?


Living in the tropics confronts one to find something that would cool one’s tongue down. But the mom in me would want this cooler nutritious yet yummy. So I concocted something that would fit in this category.
Iced candy I think is one of the long time-all time favorite of Filipino youngsters, which is why you can find one in virtually all sari-sari (variety) stores in the Philippines selling iced candy.
As you can see, these are just ordinary vegetables you can pull out just here and there. Potatoes, carrots and squash. Peel them, chopped them into small pieces and boil them in just a little water enough to cover them.

When it’s cooked, let it cool down until room temperature. Then start blending with these add-ons. I used nestle cream, with a little of evaporated milk and a can of condensed milk. Just adjust the sweetness depending on your family’s tongue desire.

Use a funnel to pour the blended liquid inside the cellophane, freeze and enjoy!

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I’ve been swirling like a top today; thank God classes are over for my elementary kiddos. My boy ended their first semester with an itik-itik dance, also a culmination of their Makabayan Week; my girl ended it with a modeling stint in their classroom which she drove me away, because she said… moms are not allowed inside the classroom only students, lol.

When we got home, my son offered to make me sandwich, how sweet! The last Tuna Mayo can in the cupboard, lol. Actually this is just simple loaf bread with cheese, spread with this tuna mayo… I swear it’s good. The garnish was just picked from the side table for the photo opp, hahaha… But I swear I stock much of this spread; I find it yummier and less sour than other brands. Try one. (This is not a paid post)